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Customize Wallpaper – Amazing Interiors

Types of Customized Wallpaper


Make your own personalized wallpaper with photos. Create unique bespoke printed wallpaper with your own pictures, design or photo collage. Turn a blank wall into a feature wall. Design personalized wallpaper and have it custom printed.


An ethereal woodland, a racing track or animal kingdom; children will find themselves submerged in their fantasy islands with photo wallpaper that feeds their wildest imaginations. Decorating your child's room can be just as much fun as decorating the other areas in your house. In fact, with all the bright designs and delightful characters, it might be more fun.


India has forever been known for its unique beliefs and rituals, and depicting the same in religious wallpapers that stands tall with significance like none other. They appeal to everyone who loves beautiful art. Range of religious wallpapers is a feat for your eyes and captures the festivity, romance and colours of India. Each print will take your breath away.


Seeking to create a feeling of texture? Look for a wall mural to give your house or business the feeling of texture you're looking for. Transform your space into a world you can touch. Soft, hard, bumpy or smooth. Sand, rain, brick or metal. Whatever texture is your favorite, Magic Murals has the perfect texture mural for you. Imagine a room filled with bamboo stalks, serenity stones or flames softly flickering. Feel the texture of fur, wood grain, clay, glass or leather on your fingertips.


Looking for a 3D wallpaper to revolutionize your wall decor? Get 3D wallpapers with catching patterns to add depth to your home interiors. From 3D wallpapers for living room to 3D corridors and never - ending pillared halls along with mesmerizing spirals, the trend for 3D wallpapers is unstoppable. You can use these 3D wallpapers to enhance your bedroom's look or to add a contemporary vibe to your interior decor. Choose bright color and design for the 3D wallpaper for living room or bedroom and transform your home's decor entirely!


The latest trend for enhancing and modifying your home decor or interiors is by adding a designer wallpaper. Whether you’re contemplating to add printed wallpaper to your bedroom or bringing color to a living room with designer wallpapers, the modern and traditional wallpaper patterns offer something for everyone! Choose from a large collection of luxury and designer wallpapers to create a style that suits your home, office, bar or restaurant. Turn your boring looking walls into the ones who add style to your home or office!