Traditional curtains can represent night, privacy, or blindness to something. While drawing a curtain can, as in the theatre, suggest the end of something, privacy, or drawing a veil of secrecy or forgetfulness over something. Opening a curtain suggest realizing or ‘seeing’ something previously hidden, secret or unrealized.

Thread curtains are used for the purpose of ornamental decoration in a broad range. Such type of string curtains will be smooth in texture with high strength and marvelous in design. An opening side or a window can be filled with this high-quality yarn preferred mostly for large events like marriage ceremonies.

Perfect finishing of doors and windows of any size and shape is filled with the various patterns of ready-made curtains preferred mostly for the bedrooms, living rooms, or kid’s room.

Drape model is another type that gives immense decorative touch for your rooms with blocking of heat and cold, light, sound at an attractive price.

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